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We know that for many smaller or newer recruitment agencies, the cost of employing an in-house marketing person or engaging a generic marketing agency can often be cost prohibitive. Not only that, but it can be confusing knowing who to work with and whether they’ll understand your specific needs.

That’s why choosing a recruitment marketing specialist company like APEX can make all the difference to your business. We understand recruitment marketing because that’s our specialist area. We provide marketing services to over 50 businesses right across the UK, ranging from full marketing solutions that include everything from blog posts, social media and website management, to advert and brochure design, marketing strategy and tactics, and email marketing campaigns.

Other clients we work with don’t need or want all of those services and can be selective about what they ask us to do. For some, monthly blog posts is enough for them. For others, designing company literature suffices. Whatever it is, we have the experience, capability and flexibility to deliver.


How much is it going to cost?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions we hear. The truth is that every client is different – and is treated as such. What we do know is that we will almost always be a more cost effective option than employing a marketing person in-house. And because of our specialist focus on the recruitment sector, our in-depth knowledge means we’ll frequently turn projects around quicker and more cost effectively than other non-specialist marketing agencies.

The best thing to do is talk to us about what you need and we’ll give you an outline proposal that includes transparent pricing so you’ll know what you’re getting from us and what you’ll pay for those services.


Inevitably we’ll work with clients that work in similar sectors or locations and it’s a cast iron guarantee from us that information, data or research is never shared between clients. There’s a very clear separation structure that keeps the work we do for one client

No obligation discussion

We have a team of recruitment marketing specialists ready to work on your requirements. Why not speak to us and discuss your needs and we can let you know how we can help, propose solutions and give you an idea on our costs. A call costs nothing, but could be transformational for your business.


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We provide a full range of digital marketing services, from building and hosting websites, to online security, job boards, email signatures, e-mailshots and associated digital templates.


We design compelling adverts to support your brand activities, negotiating favourable rates with publications, trade media and online sources and creating adverts you’ll love.


We’ll get to know your business, the sector and region you operate in, and your business objectives – and then work with you to develop a marketing strategy and associated tactical plan to deliver against those goals.


We can design unique social media assets to help you stand out in your sector, or help set up a social media management system and provide guidance on what to do online and when. And if you’re too busy recruiting, then we can even manage it all for you with varying levels of service intensity.


The difference between a regular email versus a finely crafted, nicely designed email can be all the difference between making that placement or not. We design both simple and complex email templates and can coordinate the setting up of email marketing systems to support your business.


Our team can ghostwrite content for your website, whether that’s material to support your service offerings, blog posts, press releases or capability documents, corporate literature or brochures.


Understanding how to optimise your website for search engines is critically important. We can help you with that, and not only make recommendations for improvements but help you implement them too. And we can help drive traffic to your website through well-researched, planned pay per click (PPC) activities – targeting relevant audience groups across appropriate social media platforms.


The phrase “content is king” is bandied about, but from both a user and search engine perspective, good content can be the key to attracting that crucial initial click through. It’s also an excellent vehicle for raising general brand awareness as your content is proactively shared across social media channels. We’re good copywriters and can adopt varying tones of voice and styles to position your business in the way you need it to be positioned.


Everyone knows they need to measure what they do to understand if an activity is successful, but in this digital age data overload is a very real challenge. We’ll provide you with tailored insights into your analytics, letting you know what the numbers mean and what actions they’re suggesting. We can supplement this with research pieces to examine competitors, sectors and regions, so as to develop a full picture of what you need to know.