No matter what size your recruitment business is, chances are you either employ a marketing person or team, or you’ve gone to an external marketing agency that can provide marketing services to you. And with marketing being such a broad field too, including everything from advert design, merchandise and events, to social media, websites and corporate brochures (and so much more!) – it can be difficult knowing where to focus your resources and efforts.

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So for smaller agencies, employing a marketeer often means sacrificing some capability in one or more of the many disciplines that a recruitment agency will need. It’s rare to find someone that can do it all, is experienced enough to know what works or doesn’t work, and has the time, capability and skillset to deliver. If they have all of that, chances are, they’re likely to be quite expensive to employ or they’re already happily working somewhere else.

The role of marketing agencies

And that’s where marketing agencies come in – and unsurprisingly, as this is an APEX blog post – the team here at APEX are a great example of why outsourcing your marketing makes so much sense. With discipline specialists in the main functions of design, digital, marketing, PR & copy as well as generalist marketing support, we can provide marketing services across the full marketing mix that can be completely tailored to individual needs, resources and budget.

It may be that you’re already happy with your website, but desperately need content for it. In that case, engage an agency to ghostwrite some blog posts or other website copy for you. Or you may want to up your game on Twitter. We can design a suite of visual social media assets and then run your Twitter account for you, engaging with and growing your target network. It’s all part of the job for us but importantly allows recruiters to focus on their day job too, which is networking with clients and candidates, recruiting and importantly, making placements.

If you’d like to find out more about what APEX can do for you, please check out our Services page or Contact Us for a confidential discussion.

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