Recruitment websites often have to serve a variety of purposes, so being able to say a website should cost a specific amount is regularly compared to the cliche, how long is a piece of string?

But that’s not why you’re reading this article and not why we’re writing it. We’re going to give you some ball park figures that you can use as a guide to understand what might be a reasonable quote versus one that’s blatantly trying to rip you off.

Don’t over-engineer your website

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One of the common reasons a website can cost a small fortune is through over-engineering it. Requesting functionality that’s just not necessary, or isn’t going to help make that all-important conversion is wasted money. Excessive functionality and vanity projects are the two main reasons a website costs more than it should. Expensive marketing agencies are probably the third main reason. So this is a quick-fire guide to what recruitment websites should cost (in our opinion).

A quick guide to recruitment website costs

A basic brochure-ware recruitment site that simply lists who you are, what you do and provides a contact mechanism should cost no more than £1,000 – including the initial design, copywriting and website creation. If anyone is trying to charge more than this, they’re taking advantage of you.

A more involved recruitment website that includes basic job listing functionality, more content pages such as a news or blog section should generally cost between £1,000 – £3,000, with the variance mainly due to the time it takes to pull all your content and designs together.

Moving beyond this, you might again see some additional functionality such as interactive content, newsletters and subscription mechanisms, social media integration and feeds, and more. You’re also now in the realm of bespoke systems and for these, the price list can be endless.

In our experience, the sweet spot that balances functionality, security, content, design and price is that middle bracket of between £1,000 and £3,000. In there, you have websites that are perfectly appropriate for recruitment agencies – they’re on-brand, and focused on those transaction elements that are relevant for recruiters: candidates can find and apply for jobs, the websites are well-optimised for search engines, and customers of all types can easily contact you through your website.

Obviously every website is different, and sometimes you’ll know someone that can do work cheaper – but you have to take an overall view of a project, how it fits in with the rest of your marketing plan, what longer term support might be required, and what functional roadmap you want to aspire to.

If you’re interested in talking to us about your recruitment website requirements, then we’d love to chat.

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