As we so often work with companies and individuals that are in their startup phase, identifying where best to allocate limited resources and focus efforts on the things that both need to be completed or will realise the best return is absolutely critical.

To that end, we’ve created a simple foundation survey that helps business owners and brand directors think about their business in such a way that focuses their thoughts on the ‘the things that matter’. This includes everything from unique selling points (USPs) and key messages they want to convey and/or be known for, to understanding the competitive landscape, and developing an elevator pitch. Being able to clearly and concisely explain what the business does and what the benefits are of working with them, is essential – and good business practice.

Completing the foundation survey also helps provide clear guidance to us, their marketing partners, to understand their aims and objectives – and develop an approach that will help position and promote that business to maximum effect.

It’s not rocket science and it arguably could be much more complex than this. But as a starting point to help clients think about their business in terms other than gross margin and contractors on placement, it’s proving to be particularly effective.

Anyone completing the survey automatically receives a copy of their results via email, so feel free to use or share it as you wish.

Complete the foundation survey
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