We know that video is increasingly demonstrating better engagement statistics, improved return on investment and achieving cut through amongst an ever competitive landscape. So when we were asked to create a new video for Bluestones Group to provide a snapshot introduction to the services they offer people considering starting their own recruitment business, we knew we could create something special for them.

Video length was a critical factor, as we know that web users these days have short attention spans. So there’s a limited window in which we can get the key information across. That’s why we always start with the key message. In reality, it’s no different than writing a press release. Give the reader the key information first, and then expand on that in the main body before finishing with a conclusion and/or a call to action.

The creation process was fairly straightforward, because despite the seeming complexity of starting a new recruitment business, Bluestones have really simplified it all. So relaying that in a series of animations and video clips that we could piece together was easy enough. We create a storyboard – either with good old fashioned pen and paper, using OneNote or even basic PowerPoint slides – to depict how the video should flow. We broke the key content down into soundbites that could work independently (assuming a user can click away at any stage) and then pieced it all together so that as the video flows, the story we tell reinforces the initial message from the start of the video.

So far, the feedback (and viewing data) for the video has been fantastic. And our ability to turn this project around so quickly was certainly appreciated by all involved.

If you have a project, business unit or brand you think would benefit from a supporting video – then please contact us today to discuss your requirements. For more information about the Bluestones Group, visit their website HERE.

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