It pays to have a plan – you wouldn’t go into business without a business plan and the same goes for content marketing. This is where a content calendar comes in. An effective content calendar will help you plan your efforts to grow your online presence, as well as saving time and energy and keeping your team organised.

What is a content calendar?

Basically, a content calendar is a schedule of what you’ll post and when you’ll post it. It doesn’t just have to focus on one platform – you could use one to plan your blogs, social media marketing, email marketing and more. This fluid document, which should ideally be accessible to your whole team, can help you develop ideas and broad strategies into an actionable plan that can be tweaked as you learn more about what works best.

How it helps

Like any calendar it gives you a birds eye view of what’s happening and when, and can help you achieve the following:

  • Development – A place to explore ideas and build on them
  • Consistency – Having a schedule ensures you’re maintaining your online presence
  • Fluidity – Adjustments can be made to the calendar dependent on results
  • Communication – Acts as a key point for all the team content contributors
  • Strategy – Your marketing strategy can be viewed in a way everyone understands

Why is it so important?

There isn’t just one main reason why a content calendar is beneficial for businesses but a whole host:

  • You won’t get caught out – With a content calendar nothing will ever sneak up on you. You can effectively plan for special dates or holidays, whether that’s ideas for compelling content or drafting in more help for the busy periods.
  • Scope out where plans connect – Using a calendar helps you clearly picture where any plans overlap giving you the opportunity to share content across platforms.
  • Gets you in the habit of posting regularly – One of the best ways to grow a following online is to keep distributing interesting, engaging content. With the calendar you can see exactly how often you’re planning to post and where.
  • Shows you that you can adapt – Nothing is set in stone with a content calendar. Tried something that didn’t have the impact you’d hoped for? You can easily adapt it and revamp it for the next time around.

Have you already been creating compelling content but aren’t seeing any return? Or just don’t know where to start with writing a blog or a direct email? We can help! If you don’t have the capacity to create a content calendar get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with your content marketing strategy.

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