We’re pleased to see that our YouTube channel is growing and we’re getting more and more people checking out the videos we’re creating for our clients.

APEX YouTubeWhilst we can’t publish all of the videos we create to the channel, as some of them are intended for internal consumption or are restricted for use by our clients, the ones we can share have been uploaded to our YouTube channel. Most of the videos we’re asked to create are simple introduction videos that quickly and concisely introduce a brand. But increasingly we’re seeing more clients asking for micro or niche videos to support specific campaigns or marketing initiatives.

How to get the most out of video

Traditionally, creating an introductory video allowed companies to have a fancy TV in their office reception areas and have their intro video playing over and over again on an infinite loop. That’s all well and good, but there are so many things that can be done with a video these days.

Everyone that starts using video in their marketing activities should make sure that they use the videos everywhere they can. You’ve already gone through the time, effort and expense to create a new piece of marketing collateral, so it’s only right that you get the biggest impact you can. So, including the video on your website is an absolute must. And encourage all of your team to embed the video in their LinkedIn profiles. Also, think about your email signatures. Whilst most email clients won’t allow you to embed videos – and recipients won’t thank you for attaching large video files anyway – including a visual banner that links to a hosted version of your intro video (on your own website) is a quick win solution.

Think beyond the intro video

Don’t forget that although we’re talking about intro videos here, the medium of video is much more versatile than this. We can help create videos to support specific recruitment campaigns, marketing initiatives that you’re undertaking, explainer videos, personal or team intro videos, service portfolio, or videos covering lots of other areas of your business. And you don’t have to just stop at one video.

Think about how you could simplify the pages of text you use to communicate with your clients and candidates and whether presenting the same information visually, either as an infographic or other image, or as a simple, short video – you can make it much more likely that your content will be consumed. And that’s ultimately the goal of what we do with our marketing. We want our marketing messages to be consumed, so anything that can be exploited to help with this should surely warrant further consideration.

We’re seeing more and more interaction with video based content, so if you want to explore what video can do for you, then please get in touch with us.

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