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To help our current and prospective clients think about their business in the right way, we’ve put together a simple form that we encourage our partners to complete. In doing so, we’ll be able to build up a picture of the business, the industry/industries it operates in, its competitive landscape and where and how we can help position and promote it to achieve maximum impact and support our client’s marketing objectives.


Target media

After defining target audiences (e.g. clients, media, candidates), the next step is to understand the media channels that they use and would be relevant to them. This may be traditional print publications, online resources, social media, or some combination of these plus others.

Please provide details of industry specific publications and websites that may be media targets for your business.

Key contacts

Who are the key contacts we'll need to deal with either inside of your business, or external agencies or business partners. Please provide their name, email, phone number and company name.

Employee profiles

Promoting your employees and business colleagues can be a useful marketing tool. Please provide names, mini profiles and additional information that we can potentially use or share externally. Photos may be required later on too.

Social media

Please briefly explain your skill level, experience and capability with social media